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Hand-dyed Burlap

Studio Frost


100% Jute

Sound Absorption Solutions

Unlike traditional sound absorption materials which are typically hidden, EchoAbsorb™materials are meant to be showcased and integrated into your design. Gina Dorough Surface Studio is your luxury design resource that will curate a textile surface by layering breathable mediums that tell the same story as the rest of your project's design.

Vox published this: ..."Zagat and Consumer Reports surveys have found that excessive noise is the top complaint diners have, ahead of service, crowds, or even food issues. Tom Sietsema, the restaurant critic for the Washington Post, also told me noise is “by far” his chief complaint about the restaurants he reviews."


Enhance the human experience within your project by curating a material with us.  Tap into our material possibilities to eliminate high-frequency sound reverberations in your project. 

Handpainted Encrusted Velvet


Aerial Desert Surface

100% Cotton

Handpainted Laminated Cheesecloth on Canvas


Aerial Grid Surface

100% Cotton

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