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Hand Dyed Canvas 


Studio Strata 

100% Cotton, 60" wide

Designer:  Studio K Creative 

Over 20 years experience creating award winning wallcoverings

With having created thousands of custom wallcoverings and several award-winning, running line collections for MAYA, Gina Dorough Surface Studio now creates hand dyed customizable Canvas Art Wallcovering that can also serve as upholstery material.  With extensive experience with finishes, your Art Wall can be Class A, appropriate for a high traffic areas and your upholstery materials will be durable and colorfast.


The creative process begins with color reference and design inspirations.  Samples for Approval are created to bridge the material dialogue.  The canvas panels are inspected and graded for best installation flow across your space. 


Installation Instructions are provided for it to be installed by a professional wallcovering installer. 

Hand Dyed Canvas for Wallcovering (or Upholstery)



100% Cotton Canvas

60" wide

Hand Dyed and Handpainted Wallcovering

SFA #109

Ombre Distinct

100% Cotton 

60" wide