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Equal parts renegade creative spirit and grounded, experienced manufacturer, Gina Dorough Surface Studio is a thought partner and a silver bullet for fashion and interior designers sourcing handcrafted textiles and leather.

Gina Dorough spent just under two decades as an integral member of a team that developed wildly successful wallcoverings and surfacing materials at Maya Romanoff. With Maya as a personal and professional mentor, Gina helped conceptualize and produce the main stage curtain for Harris Theater of Music and Dance at Millennium Park; formulate embedded glass beads in a groundbreaking flexible wallcovering; and develop hundreds of custom colored wallcoverings for such clients as Wynn Casino, Sak's Fifth Avenue and Peter Marino.


Later she directed paint medium and product development at Atrium, a wallpaper manufacturer that creates wallpaper surfaces out of paint media, elaborately building each layer. Her influence there has rippled through several leading industry wallcovering brands.


Gina Dorough Surface Studio creates repeatable surfaces in fabric, leather, vinyl, wallpaper and is working on her debut Collections. Longing to work with artisansa again, looking to work for a prosphering manufacturer in Chicago.

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